Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cute pictures of caterpillers & update!

I collected eggs today with my nephews and niece! Thanks Julia, Steve & Andy! With the extra sets of eyes, I think we found all of the eggs fromtoday. We found 31 eggs! There was one Monarch hanging around the garden and when a second one wandered in they were sparring in mid air! The males are very territorial! ~ the egg tally is now 314! I released 2 butterflies today. So my total is 56! I took a

caterpillar eating common milkweed

few cool pictures today, I hope you enjoy them.....

Hey I'm tyin' to eat here!

Wiggle while you monarch pupatingwork!

Muncha buncha Muncha buncha fritos go with lunch....

caterpliiars eating milkweed

Ahhh almost out.. I am sooo hungry... flowers flowers flowers...male monarch waiting to be released

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