Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caterpillar Update!

Well yesterday was the first day of summer and that officially starts my caterpillar collecting. So I have collected 22 cats now (11 came from my friend Bob). I have been feeding them in an aquarium because of all the stormy weather around here. I don't want to put them outside in the cat house until the weather calms down. So, having trouble with the whole wrap the stem of the milkweed with wet paper towel and foil thing. I got the bright idea to bring in a swamp milkweed plant for the cats to chomp on. Oh it's just a small one! So I left the top off of the aquarium... and now there are five cats wandering my kitchen. Lee said he found one on the dried hydrangea arrangement on the kitchen table. He rescued it back to the milkweed plant. Hopefully I will see butterflies soon. In the mean time I continue to feed the ones that are still in the aquarium. Oh and the top is back on it too.

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