Tuesday, August 14, 2012

99 in the Shade

I am up to 99 Monarchs as of today! Despite my expectations that this would be a much better season, I think I have had more healthy butterflies and fewer caterpillar deaths. So low number- yes, disappointing- yes, better results -YES! 
One of the males released last week has staked out the garden- yet again, in hopes to attract a girlfriend. so I am expecting eggs this week.  
On Sunday I was out in the garden and 2 monarchs flew past me mating! Sorry. they flew away before I could get a shot but I included last year's photo

I have a few pix for you today.  

awe butterfly love!
cats. from the plastic container to the aquarium, next stop the garden!
cats. in the plastic containers that they start out in as eggs, they are ready to move now, 
Number 99!

hmmm where's  lunch? 

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