Friday, September 17, 2010

And Caterpillar Season Winds Down...

So cat. season is winding down, There are only three more feeding and 2 making their chrysalis, probably tonight. I have about 35 chrysalis I am waiting paitiently to elcose soon. I am a little concerned because tha last 5 butterflies or so have eclosed and not been healthy. I don't know what is going to happen to these last chrysalis. I really hope they hatch healthy. I certainly feel like I haven't seen a healthy butterfly in my cat. house in a while.
On the other hand I can't wait for next year! I have lots of plans for attracting more monarchs and swallowtails to my garden. New combo planters, big patch of dill and lots more milkweed. I am going to grow Tagetes tenuifolia (tiny marigolds) because they have a lot more fragrance than normal garden marigolds. This is supposed to keep flies away and with milkweed comes aphids and with aphids come flies- yuk. So that is a few of the changes I will make. If I fill up my large ceramic pots with tropical (red) milkweed and dill, it won't leave a lot of room for my beloved geraniums, well maybe just a few...
A few picture from the last week...
Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

Grrrr! Arrrrggg

Ahhhh that backbend feeeels good!

See the seam on the chrysalis? It almost looks like the stiching on a baseball huh? The part on the left is the flap that will open first when the butterfly ecloses.

My one and only black swallowtail butterfly chrysalis. It will stay in the cat. house all winter in the garage. Unless it hatches soon which would be bad.

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