Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Butterly Release!

Today I volunteered butterflies and a few hours of my time at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Valpo Visiting Nurses Association. It was a very nice event with reminiscing on the humble origins of the association and the importance of hospice. I have known a few families who have used hospice and my sis-in-law was a hospice nurse for 10 years. So I know what a wonderful, compassionate and important service it is. Congratulations VNA! We gave away many packages of milkweed seeds today and I hope they will all get planted because the more milkweed planted the more monarchs will come to our area and lay eggs!

I met two new friends today who also raise monarchs. Lisa, Jane and I combined our butterflies and a few from other friends, to create a really beautiful release. In total we released about 60 butterflies. All the visitors who stopped by our display were so amazed at our endeavor of raising butterflies. Well we just love doing it. In fact Jane said "Yeah they are my pets." Mine too! This has been a long 3 months, lots of hours cleaning caterpillar frasse and covering the cat. house in the rain, searching for clean milkweed, searching for eggs, I can't imagine spending this summer doing anything else. I can't wait until next summer! I have such big plans for my garden in order to make my butterfly garden even more butterfly friendly!

I have included some photos of today's event and my last caterpillar!

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