Saturday, September 4, 2010

I have begun collecting again....

monarchs sunning themselves on a chilly morning "Hey watch out! I was here first! Find your own sunny branch!"

note the wing pattern on both chrysalis' A newly formed chrysalis (right) and one that hatched (left) not too long after this photo was taken.

ahh that sunshine feels niccce! Today's first b-fly, sunning herself on the outside of the caterpillar house.

a monarch eclosing from the chrysalisA newly hatch monarch from today
Hello Peeps, I can safely say that my monarch raising is back on track. After loosing 38 cats. (which was really sad), I left it all alone for a week and did not collect anymore eggs/ cats. Mostly because I didn't see very many in the garden- strike that I couldn't find any! So I thought I was winding down for the season. I have 2 cats in the cat house right now. One is resting before pupating and the other little guy- bless him- he is eating ravenously. So a friend of mine brought me a few cats. because she needed a sitter for the weekend (thanks Sara! ) and I took them hoping whatever killed the others would not strike these too. I have sterilized all of my containers and keeping all new additions quarantined until every cat gets big enough to move into the caterpillar house. My hope is renewed! Friday evening I spent a while out in the garden sitting on the ground scouring all of my milkweed plants to see if there were any cats. or eggs. Lo and behold- I found 16 caterpillars! Today I went out again and found 4 more and 4 eggs. YAY! The only drawback to that method is all of the aphid ick that gets on you and under your nails- ewwww!

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